The Hotel

A hotel filled with historical traits located in the city of Ouro Preto in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

A unique space with rare beauty where guests can enjoy the renowned hospitality of Minas Gerais and be dazzled by the baroque art encountered in the hotel as well be in touch with the exuberant nature of the hills of the region. 

The Relicario hotel is located in the immense Boa Vista farm. The farm’s 125 hectares are laid out on the Parque Natural das Andorinhas, the crib in which the city of Ouro Preto was born, as well as the Rio das Velhas river. It was in this region that the portuguese colonizers reached the Brazilian mines and started one of the most significant stages of the Brazilian colonization.

Through its buildings, the Relicario hotel has kept alive the charm of portuguese colonial architecture and its marvellous structure. All of the facilities offer comfortable environments that harmonize perfectly with the privileged view.

The land in which the Relicario hotel is located is blessed with a series of waterfalls due to the rich rocky formations of the hills of Ouro Preto, as well as the great diversity of  the atlantic forest and the Cerrado vegetation. This cultural hub is famous for it’s historical heritage and value. 

The peacefulness of the place and its privileged location -only 12 minutes away from Tiradente Square- are some of the features that make the Relicario hotel the perfect place for someone who wishes to take a rest from the busy daily life, relax, enjoy the wonders of local cuisine and appreciate the stunning nature of the region. It is the ideal setting to spend unforgettable days with family or friends, away from the hectic routine of the big cities.