About Us

Tai'an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer geosynthetic products which have a wide application in the line of construction, aquaculture, and agriculture. We deliver a complete range of products: geomembrane, geotextile geogrid, and geosynthetic clay liners and certified by ISO9001 certificate. We professionally design fabricate and install geomembranes liners in various projects such as storage tank, shrimp pond, biodigester, waste landfill, Reservoirs, canals, power plants in energy, vapor barriers, and waste water treatment. Our products are widely recognized in the USA, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Middle East Africa and other regions all over the world. Our commitment to innovation, our focus on quality and our industry expertise allow us the flexibility to collaborate with our clients to develop a custom, purpose-fit solution.



  • 11th International Geosynthetics Exhibition 11th International Geosynthetics Exhibition

    Supported by the International Geosynthetics Association, the 11th International Geosynthetics Exhibition hosted by the Korea Geosynthetics Association was held in Seoul, South Korea from September 17 to September 20, 2018.

  • Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. Annual Meeting

    On January 29, 2019, the annual work summary meeting of Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Wanda Hotel. More than 100 people from all members of the company, management and employee representatives attended the meeting.

  • Geogrid Construction Points Geogrid Construction Points

    Seriously study relevant technical materials, documents, and various construction specifications before starting work.

  • Geogrid Use Geogrid Use

    Geogrid is a major geosynthetic material with unique properties and efficacy compared to other geosynthetics.